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L-O-V-E Love

As Valentine's Day approaches and we see LOVE commercialized, I want to celebrate LOVE but from a different angle, with the "BOZ Teaches Love" Giveaway!  To enter, (1) tell me in the comments below how you teach your daughter/children about loving other people.  So, we're not talking about romantic love, rather selfless brotherly/sisterly love, treating others with dignity, respect, and kindness.  Are there books that you've found helpful when teaching the topic, do you participate in acts of service as a family, do you do small acts of kindness for your neighbors or community.  No lesson of love is too small and certainly, nothing is too big!  And, if this is something that you have not begun teaching your child, today is a great day to start and tell us about it in the comments over the next month! 
(2) Tag @becauseofzoe on Instagram (or @becauseofzoedesigns on Facebook) and share how you teach your children about loving one another using the hashtag #bozteacheslove.  Please note that your account must be public in order for me to see your tags. 
I will choose one winner who fulfills both (1) & (2) above to receive $100 in BOZCASH to shop at Because of Zoe Designs (shop for yourself and/or friends/family as an act of expressing love).  Entries are open through February 13th at noon EST.  The winner will be selected and announced on February 14th.  The winner will be announced in the BOZ Private Facebook Community first and afterward will be named at the bottom of this post.
So, tell me, how do you teach your children about loving one another.  Loving their neighbor, their community, other children, etc...  I can't wait to read all about it!  And remember, if you have certain books that you love to teach this message, share those in the comments and in your photos as well! 
Illustration by Laura Knopp
  • Shunta Grant

Comments on this post (6)

  • Sep 04, 2018

    Teaching love is important but demonstrating love is most important! My husband is a state trooper and will frequently buy meals for other officers and citizens, as a thank for all the meals bought for him. Of course he never tells the people, but we’ll discuss with our 2 and 4 year olds how important it is to be kind to others. It’s a special feeling to pay kindness forward!

    — Rachel Lovvorn

  • Sep 04, 2018

    My little lady is only 14 months old, so I am in a somewhat difficult age to “discipline” or instruct! She is just now capable of learning cause and effect and as a new toddler, her impulses are quite strong right now! She tends to hit, throw food, “bonk bonk” herself and overall is mischievous right now!
    She however has such an amazing personality. She is sweet, stubborn, independent, peaceful, snuggly and her absolute favorite thing in the world is Winnie the Pooh!
    Pooh Bear is on in our house constantly it seems and for Christmas she received “Bear boxes” comprised of Pooh toys, clothes and accessories! She also has a small Pooh Bear that she loves more than anything.
    Let me tell you, this Child is growing up in the wrong decade!
    I’ve been SO blessed that she loves this little bear and his friends and she is picking up on amazing habits from the Hundred Acre Woods.
    So now, anytime I want her to understand how to be gentle, how to share, how to give hugs and kisses …I teach her with her little beloved Pooh Bear!
    Now in the corner of my eye while watching her play, I notice she grabs him and reads to him, hugs him and crawls to me offering me a hug and a kiss and shares with me. I love that we can all find ways to teach our little ones about love, no matter how small the act!

    — Chelsea Lassiter

  • Jan 23, 2018

    Since they were little I have always taught my kids about love in simple ways of being nice and saying things we love about each other. Recently though my son started kindergarten and so I ordered a book called “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” By Carol Mcloud and it has helped him a lot with understanding that he wants to be a bucket filler not a bucket dipper. It has also helped him with recognizing when other people are filling his “bucket”. He loves it. One thing his class is doing is 100 acts of kindness for their 100th day of school so each kid is documenting 4 acts of kindness making it 100 acts for the whole class. This year I am going to write every day from Feb 1st-Feb 14th something that I love about them and have them do it to for their siblings. We love LOVE!

    — Emily Schmidt

  • Jan 17, 2018

    We teach our children how to love other people in many ways. The first, and in my eyes, most important way we show them how to love others is to be generous in giving/charity. Our kids are only 4, 5, and 7 but they know the importance of helping others. They pick out their own determined dollar amount to give to our local Pregnancy Resource Center through our church every week during Mass. Keaton asked attendees to donate to Children’s Mercy Hospital for his seventh birthday instead of bringing him a gift. Every Christmas, they purchase presents for our nursing home residents and sing Christmas Carols with other Catechism students. I could go on and on. One thing is for sure, they have very generous hearts.

    Another important way we teach them to show love is to always be kind because you never know what someone else is going through. They are notorious for finding the lonely kid on the playground and asking them to play so they don’t feel left out.

    Last but not least, we teach our kids about affection and empathy. They express their love for everyone in BIG ways and are always quick to show others that they care.

    — Chandi Leis

  • Jan 15, 2018

    We teach our children to love by teaching them to lead the crowd instead of follow it. We teach them to also look up from the crowd and look out for the underdog, the small guy, the left out, the different or disabled , the weaker, or the foreigner and be a friend to them. And guess what the crowd does??

    — Jacqueline H

  • Jan 15, 2018

    Today both my children volunteered to be apart of the MLK parade! I didn’t have to make my children get out of the bed! Both jumped up with excitement to March! As soon as we made to the march my son picks the sign he holds dear to his heart!
    I look to the day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Unfortunately, My son has dealt with this issue in the past and I encourage him to speak up for himself but also for others! I have seen my son spirit grown to never make others feel left out or treated differently and I am so proud of him.
    My Daughter was chosen today to lead the march and hold the banner as we walked! I felt this was the proudest moment of the day! with no hesitance, she said Yes and smiled all the way to the end! Today felt like a victory!
    We have many books about love and our history. Recent purchase was Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History and Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters.

    — Felicia Morales

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